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A Strong Foundation for Success in the Tea Industry


Start your Bubble Tea Business today with Kingleke’s Boba Academy for a solid foundation. Learn the basics to advanced techniques in 1-2-3 steps, ideal for both veteran and new food business owners. Our training emphasizes consistency and precision in food preparation, coupled with high-quality bubble tea ingredients. Join us to build and boost your business!

At Boba Academy, we provide hands-on training classes for new and existing business owners who want to serve boba pearl milk tea drinks, smoothies, and other unique beverages at the store. Our goal is to maintain long-term business relationships with our partners and to provide them with the necessary tools for success. Currently, we offer three levels of classes for you to choose from. The classes do not require prior experience. You can learn everything about bubble tea making from scratch.

A Solid Foundation For Your Tea Business

  • Dates in the next 30 days are available for booking. We do not offer weekend classes.
  • We do not accept bookings in less than 48 hours, so please plan ahead.
  • Once the class starts, we do not accept any request for a refund. The class starts at 11:00am – 4pm at 3315 14th Ave Markham ON L3R 0H3
  • By making a Boba Academy appointment with us, you agree to receive follow-up emails from us after class. The purpose of the emails is to improve your class experience as well as to give you quality customer service. We DO NOT share your personal information with any third parties.
  • Kingleke International Inc. is not responsible for any copyright issues as to the store name and the logo design.





Course Fee

$350.00 per person

$700.00 per person

$700.00 per person


2 Hours

2 Days: 4 Hours / day

2 Days: 4 Hours / day

Knowing Bubble Tea - Including Materials and Equipment General Introduction (DAY 1)

Tapioca Preparation/ Observation (DAY 1)

Fresh Tea Preparation/Observation (DAY 1)

Other Topping Preparation i.e. Grass Jelly, Pudding, etc. (DAY 1)

Milk Tea and Iced Tea Making (DAY 1)

Review - Tapioca and Fresh Tea Making, Customers Hands On. (DAY 2)

Ice Slushies and Smoothies Making. (DAY 2)

Kingleke Issued Tearista Certificate

Menu Consultation (DAY 3)

Customized Training Based on the Menu (DAY 3)

New Store Layout and Equipment Consultation (DAY 3)

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Discover Bubble Tea mastery at Kingleke’s Boba Academy. Our immersive training covers basics to advanced techniques, tailored to seasoned entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts. Embrace consistency and precision in bubble tea preparation with our premium ingredients. Elevate your business with us. Flourish in the world of tea!

  • Minimum Purchasing Fees vary for each package and exclude customized products.
  • Full payment is required upon course registration
  • Dates within the next 30 days are available for booking.
  • Registered courses must be completed within 30 days from the initial training date.
  • Training dates must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Weekend classes are not offered.
  • Classes run from 11:00am to 4:00pm at 3315 14th Ave Markham ON L3R 0H3.
    Kingleke International Inc. is not liable for copyright issues related to store names and logo designs.
  • By registering for a full course, you consent to receive post-class follow-up emails and newsletter. Your personal information WILL NOT be shared with third parties.

Refund Policy

A 48-hour advance cancellation notice is required. A non-refundable fee of $300.00 applies. No refund requests are accepted once the class starts.

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