General FAQ

Do I need to make an appointment to pick up my order?
Yes, it is best to let us know your appointment time in advance by phone or email. If our warehouse does not receive your pickup confirmation, we will not be able to provide special priority and your order will be processed in the order received.
Do you offer free shipping

We offer free shipping to addresses within the GTA community on orders of $300 or more.     We have fixed delivery time every week,

Tuesday: Downtown & Scarborough

Wednesday: NorthYork & Richmond Hill & Vaughan Markham

Thursday: Mississauga & Brampton

Friday: Aurora & NewMarket

Some unexpected locations in the GTA charge different order amounts based on distance traveled.

Do you ship to my location
We ship to many locations all across Canada. We offer a shipping estimator before checking out, and you can confirm that we can ship to your address there. Shipping times will vary in price and timing. Please note that shipping price is confirmed before check out, but timing is an estimate and delivery times will be dependent on the couriers.
Can I come to the warehouse and shop

Yes. You can visit our :3315 14th AVE Markham ON. Also you can visit the website:  all  products are displayed on the website.

Do you offer free sample
We are a wholesaler and as a result all of our products come in wholesale sizes, providing samples would require us to keep open products on hand. If you are interested in trying one of our products, we encourage you to purchase a single item of it and experience the quality for yourself.

Flavored Powder

How many drinks can your 2.2 lbs of powder make?
If you are using the Bubble Tea Supplies flavored powder and following our suggested recipes, there are approximately 20-25 servings.
How many servings are there in a 2.2 lbs. (1kg) flavored powder bag?
45 – 50 servings which will make 50-25 16oz. Drinks.
Do you have a sugar free Syrup?


How do I make tapioca?
Boil water to a rolling boil. Put Tapioca and boil for 25 minutes, take off the heat and let sit with cover on for 25 minutes. After that you drain and rinse the tapioca under cold water. Put in a container and coat with sugar or sugar syrup.
Do you happen to have the smaller 5 minute Tapioca?
Yes , We offer 5 different flavors of quick-cooking tapioca pearls. Our quick-cooking tapioca pearl only takes 3 minutes to boil and sit for 2 minutes.
What is the difference between the colored tapioca pearls and the black/brownish tapioca pearls?

They are both made from tapioca starch. The colored tapioca pearls have pastel colors and different flavors like taro and matcha. After cooking them and adding sugar.. The black tapioca pearls are the original pearls that were used in the original bubble tea drink. The black color comes from a bit of caramel added to the starch during preparation. After cooking the black tapioca pearls and adding sugar, it has a sweet caramel taste.

How long can I store the raw tapioca in an unopened bag?
You can store an unopened bag of tapioca pearls for 6-12 months in a cool and dry area. Do not store it in the freezer or refrigerator. It will cause the raw tapioca pearl balls to fall apart when opening the bag.
After opening the bag of tapioca, what do I do with the unused portion?
Once the bag of tapioca is opened you need to cook it within a few days to avoid it drying out and crumbling and protect against spoilage.After opening, you need to seal the bag with a clip, store it at room temperature, and place it in a ventilated place away from sunlight.
After cooking the Tapioca, do you just let it sit out or keep it refrigerated?
After cooking the tapioca pearls, put them in a container and coat with sugar or sugar syrup. This should be kept at room temperature, but do not put it in the refrigerator or freezer. The cooked tapioca pearls should be consumed within 5-6 hours
After cooking, how many days will it last?
After preparing the tapioca pearls, it is highly recommended to use them the same day (within 5-6 hours). Do not store in the refrigerator or in a cold area. The cold air will cause the tapioca pearls to harden and will no longer be chewy or pleasant to eat.
How many drinks can 6.6 lbs (3kg) of pearls make?
Approximately 50-70 servings. This will vary depending on the amount of pearls you use per cup. For example, some bubble tea shops serve 1 spoon of tapioca pearls with drinks, compared to other stores that use 1.5 spoons of pearls with drinks. The amount of pearls used in every cup is based on who is preparing the drink.
Does your company sell the pearls in little individualized pre-packaged packs?
Tapioca pearls are prepackaged in smaller sizes for the home and party kits. We have a 500g Tapioca pearl bag available.

Supplies and Equipment

Sealing Machine Can I use any cup?
The cup sealing machine is universal for paper and plastic, and only needs to be equipped with special film for paper and plastic. Capable of Sealing all Materials: PP, PE, Paper, etc, and 90-95 calibers can be sealed.
What are the daily maintenance and repair methods for users of the sealing machine?

Doing a good job in daily cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine and reduce the cost of wear and tear. Please be sure to unplug the power supply, and ensure that the temperature of the machine drops before performing maintenance actions. Also, pay attention to the serrated cutter and moving parts at any time to avoid danger. Simple maintenance steps:

  • First unplug the power supply to ensure safety and cooling.
  • Check whether the upper mold heating plate is clean every day to prevent the upper mold from being dirty and unable to seal. After the electric heating has cooled, wipe the sealing area of the upper mold with a damp cloth or a plastic brush.
  • The lower template drive must be wiped clean every day, and greased every week to ensure the track is lubricated and smooth.
  • Keep the grooves of the lower die clean to prevent the upper die from getting stuck on the blade.
  • The track of the top cup should be kept clean, preferably butter with high viscosity, and the oiled parts are track, spring and axle.
  • Keep the film electric eye and the automatic in and out electric eye (micro-motion) switch clean and clean.

Shipping and Distribution

Do your prices include shipping?
Our prices do not include shipping. For a quote, please email or call our ordering line at 905-947-9033
Do you offer wholesale shipping?

We don’t have wholesale shipping. Whatever the shipping carrier charges us, we pass on to the customer. We don’t make money on the shipping. We try to keep shipping down to the minimum.

Will Call Orders

What are the Will Call hours of operation?
Will Call hours are Monday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm.
What happens if I place an order and don't pick up my products?
Products will be held at Will Call for a maximum of 7 days from the date of your order. If the order is not picked up within 7 days, it will be considered a return and the return policy will apply along with the 25% restocking fee will be charged to the customer.


Can bubble tea be served hot?
Bubble Tea can be enjoyed warm. However, if customers are drinking through a straw, remind them to be careful as the pearls and the heated liquid will shoot into their mouths quickly. Enjoying a warm to hot bubble tea may be enjoyed better with a spoon
Can I get discounts?
Are you running a business? Business customers get wholesale pricing. You’ll notice on the price list that the more you purchase, the more you’ll save.

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